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Welcome to a space of exploration.

The body has its own intelligence and its own devices to communicate imbalances. Emotions, fears, pain, and trauma are hold by the body when not given enough time and compassion to be felt. Through massage I will guide you into and through your emotional body, facilitating a communication between it and your conscious mind. This approach will allow you to recognise and explore  the emotions that have been suppressed. By bringing your attention to them instead of ignoring or rejecting these feelings, we will establish a dialogue that will allow comprehension and acceptance. The integration of the emotional self allows feelings of sadness, emptiness, doubt, and pain to leave space for excitement, joy, vitality, love, and trust.


Together we will explore what your body is trying to communicate. I invite you to listen to yourself, to pay attention to your intuition rather than ignoring it. This will be a challenging journey of vulnerability, which holds the potential to positively impact your life.

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