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Hi! I´m Dr. Arturo Rodarte.

My journey started in Mexico City while studying medicine at the Panamerican University. Even though I never doubted the science behind modern medicine, I felt there was something missing in its approach towards understanding health. I was being taught to study a sick body as an object rather than the complex integration of mind, soul, and flesh. On my own journey to improve my health I crossed paths with a remarkable woman, Sonia. With her massage she introduced me to a different way of understanding my body and challenged my beliefs about sickness and health. After healing my own depression, I asked her if she would share her knowledge with me. I became her apprentice for the next five years and in 2018 I opened my own massage studio in Mexico City. Shortly after, I graduated from medical school. 

On my path to understanding health in a more integral way, I studied Traditional Mexican Medicine at Chapingo University where I learned about the use of herbal medicine and the construction and guidance of the Temazcal practice.

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