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What is it?

It´s a full body, clothes-on, massage. During it, I will guide your attention to your emotional body through your physical one. Before the massage we will have a short conversation. 

What to expect?

Approaching repressed emotions can be an intense process but it is also immensely relieving once integrated. Ideally there are three phases in each massage:


1. Recognition: characterized by struggle and rejection of a challenging body sensation.

2. Acceptance: Moving your attention from a place of rejection towards a space of curiosity and vulnerability allows the challenging feelings and sensations to unfold and transform. 

3. Integration: characterized by a peaceful feeling of new space within.


Each session lasts an hour and has a cost of €100.*

*I want to make this experience as accessible as possible for everyone interested. If your financial situation doesn´t allow you to book a session, please don´t hesitate to contact me, we can find a suitable price for you.

**Cancellations prior 24 hours of the appointment are free of charge, otherwise the price has to be fully payed. 

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